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All my life I’ve been ashamed of my feet. When I was 12 they just grew over summer. While my friends had tits popping out of their shirts, my feet were busting the buckles on my boots.

Then one day I was in a shoe store looking for my prom shoes when the salesman just couldn’t take his hands off of them. He’d hold them so lovingly while I tried on pair after pair. He even convinced me to come back the next day to try on some new stock that was coming in over night. While I was trying on a giant pair of evening sandals, I accidentally stepped on his fingers. His eyes rolled back in his head and a stain appeared just below where his zipper was.

I was hooked. On the power of my feet.

From then on I’d kick my heels up whenever I had the chance. I took ballroom dancing lessons, joined a bowling league, got a job in the shoe department of a major department store just to see the reactions of people who saw my size 10s.

I love to have my feet rubbed. I love to have my big giant toes sucked. I love to compare feet with my friends looking at not only the contrast in size but in texture and colors.

Do you know what I especially love about my big feet? That I can crush things with them. Like spiders, bugs, grapes and dicks that don’t comply with my wishes. I just start with my toes and bring my whole foot down on them. SPLAT!!!

Inside my website you’ll find tons of pictures of my beautiful size 10 feet.
¨ Nude feet.
¨ Stockings on my feet.
¨ Messy feet. .
¨ Splayed toes.
¨ Giantess slippers crushing whatever gets in my way.
¨ Shrimping
¨ 4 inch stilettos.
¨ Tickling my tootsies

Because I’m strictly an amateur, members can submit their pictures to me as well as make requests for different photo shoots.

If you are true big foot lover, cum join me and all my friends in a frisky foot frenzy.

Kiss my toes on your way in!!

Tickle Torture
Watermellon Crush
Cake Smushing
Lick My Boots
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